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A World of Things

Jo Law and Redmond Bridgeman
Huw Davies Gallery
30 July – 23 August 2015
Exhibition opened by Penny Grist

Download and read A World of Things‘ review in The Canberra Times by Peter Hayes (2.0 Mb)

A World of Things is an experimental image-based collaborative installation composed of three image collections. Each collection approaches a set of objects via the photographic image. This wunderkammer makes references to natural history and scientific research, maquette theatre, and pre-cinema optical devices.

The cyanotype series and photographic prints form ecologies between objects and draw attention to palpability of photochemical processes, things, and their ghostly image. While a set of ten miniature dioramas invite viewers to examine ‘a world of things’ on a number of spatial scales. The collections immerse viewers into the different physical, astronomical, and biological phenomenon, suggested by the multiple layers within the images.

The title of the exhibition, A World of Things, refers to the woodblock series Momoyagusa by Kamisaka Sekka, where the artist depicted encounters between people, the seasons, everyday objects, and events in sixty prints housed in three albums. Analogously, employing a hybrid collection of visualizing technologies, A World of Things, instigates an encounter between the viewer, imaging processes, and the things they depict.

Some Useful Values
Box, paper, electronics, and objects
Each box: 10 x 11 x 11 cm
Installed dimension variable