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Still Life | Moving Fragments at Tin Sheds Gallery Sydney

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Still Life | Moving Fragments

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The Illustrated Almanac of the Illawarra softly launches

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The World of Things

Group 3 objects installed in the exhibition space.
Exhibited as part of Awfully Wonderful: Science Fiction in Contemporary Art, curated by Lizzie Muller and Bec Dean Performance Space
14 April to 13 May 2011 Continue reading

Autumn Almanac of Tokyo

Shoutetsu 8of15
Online journal, mailed printed post-cards | dimensions variable | 2008 Continue reading

Notable Commentaries on Common Species of the Rocky Seashore of Eastern Warm Temperate Biogeographic Zone of Australia

Common sea urchin
Photo etching (mitsui plates), 3 x 65 cm x 55.5cm, 2009 Continue reading


Installation view
Exhibited as part of BEAPworks 04, curated by Paul Thomas for Perth International Arts Festival
John Curtin Gallery
11 February to 12 June 2005 Continue reading

Cabinet of Curiosity

Still from Cabinet of Curiosity's Naturalist
Selected works of various duration | animation/ digital video | 2008 Continue reading

Postcards from Airport, Postcards from Home

Selected works of various duration | animation/ digital video | 2008 Continue reading

Study#1: Air Displacement

still from 'Study#1', 2007
Shot on DV, drawing animation | finished on DV | 4m 37s | 2007 Continue reading

Konvolut K

Online interactive work | 2003
In collaboration with Redmond Bridgeman Continue reading


Shot on super-8 | Finished on DV | 3m 10s | 2002
Music by Enargeia Continue reading

Zero Crossing

Shot on Super-8, 16mm, Flash animation | finished on DV | 4m 38s | 2000
In collaboration with Redmond Bridgeman Continue reading


still from 're', 2001/2
Shot on Super-8, 35mm still; finished on DV | 9 m 9s | 2001/ 2 Continue reading

Read Only Memory

still from 'Read only memory', 1999
Shot on S-VHS; finished on DV | 4m 46s | 1999 Continue reading

Signals Lost in Transporter Room 3

Hand made 16 mm | 2m 20s |1996 Continue reading

Virtual Memory is Running Low

still from 'Virtual memory is running low', 1996
Shot on standard 8, hand-made 16mm | finished on 16mm | 5m 54s | 1996 Continue reading


still from 'mesh', 1996
Shot on super-8 and s-vhs; | Finished on s-vhs; | 3m 26s | 1996 Continue reading

Static with White

Shot on super-8 and s-vhs | Finished on s-vhs | 6m |1995 Continue reading

Old Earth

Shot on super-8 and s-vhs | finished on s-vhs | 7m 30s | 1995 Continue reading