Installation (3 screens, 1 fish tank, 60 goldfish, electronic sensors, computers), Dimensions variable, 2005

The supposed five-minute memory of gold fish (I am told that it isn’t so) is transposed onto humans in this work. The aquatic meanderings of the goldfish triggers sensors that in turn trigger images and questions. These images and questions act like a kind of memoria technica, a mnemonic contrivance that recalls times past. The triptych of screens presents possibilities of these moments to savour and re-experience the aesthetic in our lives — a beauty that makes possible a re-calling, re-turning, reviewing, and re-thinking of past and future moments.

Exhibited as part of BEAPworks 04, curated by Paul Thomas, Perth International Arts Festival, at John Curtin Gallery, WA, from February 11 to June 12, 2005.

Review in The Australian by Sebastian Smee: