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Read Only Memory

Shot on S-VHS; finished on DV |  4m 46s | 1999

“I heard a boy said that he wants to record a shooting star onto video tape, so that he could make a wish whenever he wants.

Elvis is on tv again. Seemingly, comfort can only be found in late night television.

The after-image of memory survives only as these.”

Screened at:

  • 2000 Women Make Waves Film & Video Festival, Taiwan
  • Mutlimedia Arts Asia Pacific,¬†Australia
  • 6th Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Awards
  • Loop Festival, Barcelona
  • Both Sides Now 2, UK, China, and Hong Kong
  • Papay Gyro Nights Festival, Videotage, Hong Kong
  • Simultaneity – Reframing Hong Kong II, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art, China

Collection: Foreign Trade (collected works) , Videotage, Hong Kong