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Sixty Second Thoughts

Exhibited at the Digital Art Projection
Crown Street pedestrian mall Wollongong
April 2015.
In collaboration with Ali Jane Smith


Sixty second thoughts is a time-based screen work that brings together the practices of poetry and image-making. A correspondence between artist Jo Law and writer Ali Jane Smith, the work makes use of moving images and moving texts to bring into view windows of everyday living in Wollongong and Hong Kong.

Sixty second thoughts extends a previous online project Sixtythoughts. Sixtythoughts is a collaboration between Law and Smith. During December and January 2013/2014, Law was located in Hong Kong, in the season of winter, visiting extended family with her husband and son. Smith was located in Wollongong, in the summer season, with her partner and two children. Each day for thirty days, the artist made a sixty-second video recording and the writer wrote a six line poem worked as couplets in iambic pentameter. These were exchanged on Tumblr: http://sixtythoughts.tumblr.com/


Sixty second thoughts re-works the format of the previous online correspondence into a linear projection piece. The six line poems appear as moving texts at a pace that engages audience in the intimate act of reading in a public space. The sixty-second videos offer views of everyday occurrences through a camera mounted on a stationary locked tripod. The conversations between text and image extend to their formal qualities. Each video makes explicit the framing of an image in time and space, while the formal restrictions of iambic pentameter also highlight the process of selection, a kind of framing, in the poems.


Sixty Second Thoughts is shown at the Digital Art Projection event as an outdoor projection (7m x 5m) at the Crown Street pedestrian mall in Wollongong in April 2015.