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Slowing Down Time (iteration 2)

TAEM Gallery, University of Wollongong, Wollongong
28 July – 29 August 2014
in collaboration with Louise Curham and Sue Healey
Closing remarks by Sarah Miller

Associated events:
The Film Remains the Same
a performance as part of the exhibition ‘Slowing Down Time’
with Louise Curham, Alister Spence & Raymond MacDonald and Clocks and Clouds (Terumi Narushima and Kraig Grady).
12pm Friday 8 Aug

Closing event:
Guest lecture by Sue Healey
2.30 – 4.30 29 August


Three artists, Jo Law, Louise Curham, and Sue Healey continued to pursue this experimental collaborative project in exploring the premise of slowing down time. They created a palpable time zone where the experience of time was decelerated through directing audience’s attention to minute details, residues of memories, objects – the poetics of the everyday. Working in the TAEM gallery space over 3 weeks, the artists responded specifically to the site. Focusing on the play on domestic, everyday aesthetics, and the medium of the fragments, the artists transformed the space and its experience with scattered objects, scattered images, scattered movements, and scattered memories.