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Slowing Down Time (iteration 3)

Articulate Project Space
10 – 26 October 2015
In collaboration with Louise Curham, Michele Elliot, and Sue Healey

Slowing Down Time is a process-based collaborative project created by the interactions between four artists over the course of an exhibition period. The four artists, Michele Elliot (textiles/ sculpture), Louise Curham (film art/ archives), Sue Healey (choreography/ dance film), and Jo Law (media art) share an attentiveness to materiality, everyday gestures, and their poetics.

 Exploring the premise of slowing down time, we respond to the specificities of the sites by first mapping the architectural, geographic, and social space through drawings, movements, and moving images. In each iteration, we converse with traces of past habitation and creations left behind in the space by the preceding artist(s) through practice. Over a designed schedule (that allows one artist to occupy the site at one time, or a number of artists working collaboratively), the space transforms, producing a different conversation.

This experimental transdisciplinary project opens up a dialogic space between artists, but more importantly it creates a space for conversations between the audience and the makers. Slowing Down Time presents an important critical enquiry into the collaborative making process. The experience we accumulated in these iterations are valuable not only in terms of our own practices but more importantly it provides a focal point to think critically about the process of collaboration in contemporary art contexts. The transdisciplinary nature of our collaboration creates a platform for a hybrid and experimental practice that incorporates the performative, durational, immersive, and tactile. 

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