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Still Life Moving Fragments

FCA Gallery, University of Wollongong
19 September to 17 October 2013
In collaboration with Louise Curham
Closing address by Su Ballard.

The project re-situates the still life genre within contemporary screen. It draws upon the tension between stillness and movement, contrasting the quiet intensity of still life with the fleeting, unstable properties of the moving image. In transposing the crafted image from a single-framed view to multiple luminous screens, the piece generates an irrepressible rhythm.

The installation presents two series of moving ‘still life’ in conversation: one depicts ordinary home furniture and fittings while the other looks out from a shrouded window to catch glimpses of moving figures. These fragments explore domestic interiors through repetition, reiteration, permutation and abstraction.

In this iteration of the work, the concept of ‘zuihitsu’ (Japanese literary techniques, meaning ‘following the brush’) in the context of the everyday was extensively explored. The exhibition presented four pairs of the moving ‘still life’s installed along the length of gallery. These image-pairs were displayed on 15-inch stand-alone LCD screens, framed within uniform boxes, installed at a low viewing height. These individual frames are drawn together by an asymmetrical grey strip that runs the length of the wall. Juxtaposed at an adjacent wall is a ceiling-to-floor projection alternating between a grey lampshade and animated footage of children on swings. The visual rhythm of these pairings emphasised the internal rhythm generated between the moving images.The sweep of the eight boxed screens within the strip is undercut by the relatively modest size of each screen which invite an intimate, close-up investigation by visitors.

Super-8 film, hand-drawn animation, digital video, 8 LCD screens, box frames, video projection, painted strip. Dimension variable.