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The Illustrated Almanac of the Illawarra and Beyond

The Illustrated Almanac of Illawarra and Beyond was exhibited at the Wollongong Art Gallery NSW, 5 August – 15 October, 2017

The Illustrated Almanac of the Illawarra exhibition presented 12 lithographs and a series of moving image works, reworked from the seventy-two blog entries from the original online project (2011-2). The project made use of the Chinese Almanac to explore the rituals and rhythms of the seasons. Its aim was to create a shared chronicle that captures a wide range of anthropogenic events and natural phenomena. 

This exhibition at the Wollongong Gallery expanded the participatory aspect of the project by inviting contributions from the public. Two workshops accompanying the exhibition inducted audience members into diverse ways of creating their own weather logs from scientific data interpretation, photographs, videos, writings, tweets to haiku poems. During the exhibition period, the project provided a framework for incorporating everyday narratives in the greater context of place to present a multidimensional geographic and meteorological snapshot of the Illawarra. The collected materials or the almanac can be viewed here on Instangram #illalmanac 

Nine entries on #illalmanac on Instagram