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The Pleasure of Imperfection

Exhibited as part of The Situated Line: Expanded Drawing Practice
Articulate Project Space
27 April to 12 May 2013

At an ice-rink in an upmarket Hong Kong shopping mall, I am drawn to student skaters practising. Every move strengthens the neural pathways by the repeated firing across the synapses. Each iteration strives towards perfection.

The material transformation from physical movement to digital image projection introduces imperfection at every step from the truncation of time into 25 stills a second to the approximation of light as pixels and micro ink-dots, from the movement of the ink brush to the minute misalignment of the scanned frame. The Pleasure of Imperfection is savored with the moving light and shadows.

The twin window in the space provided surfaces for a twin-screen projection. Washi was mounted onto the frost glass. The animated work was projected onto the right-hand window, while the moving sun outside provided the shadow projection that changed through the day.

animated ink drawings, projector, windows, washi (Japanese paper), sun, shadows, cabinet, bench, variable dimensions