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Virtual Memory is Running Low

Shot on standard 8, hand-made 16mm | finished on 16mm | 5m 54s | 1996

Electronic devices, such as portable phones, lap top computers, walkmans, radios must not be used until the plane has settled in flight as these may interfere with the plane’s navigational instruments.

Screened at Melbourne Fringe Festival 1996 (5 -6 October 1996), Reel Art Contemporary Film and Video program, Festival of Contemporary Arts 1996, ACT (17 October 1996), TechnÈ: an exhibition of new media arts, WA (22- 23 February 1997), 11th Western Australia Film and Video Festival (6 – 9 March 1997), and Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Award 1997.

Awarded Melbourne Fringe Iloura Award for Best Experimental Work, 11th Western Australia Film and Video Festival’s Greenwich Award for Experimental Work and Altronics Award for Sound.