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Zero Crossing

Shot on Super-8, 16mm, Flash animation | finished on DV | 4m 38s | 2000
In collaboration with Redmond Bridgeman

How is our sensory information compiled to form a meaningful spatial experience? The neural hardware appears to be available to represent images at different scales: Marr proposed a multiscale representation in his theory of how edges are detected “*. …if sets of zero crossings (ie locations of maximal changes in intensity) appear at multiple levels of resolution, they are likely to indicate an edge and not texture or the like”. Multiscale representation is also useful for computing depth from stereo and a host of other low-level computations such as when to stop, when to go, and when to swerve. As this work shows these are useful skills.

*Stephen Kosslyn, Image and Brain: The Resolution of the Imagery Debate, MIT Press: Cambridge, Mass., 1996, pp 95-96.

Work made for and screened at Drive-by: screen based installation, Perth metropolitan areas, Perth 2000